Writing Is an Act of Rebellion

It begins with one dangerous word...

I often think in terms of boxing when it comes to writing. Sometimes riding a motorcycle. Both sports have a sort of rebellious tinge to them. I prefer the boxing analogy, primarily because I grew up loving the sport. 

Writing is a boxing match against complacency, against the lies of our society, or the ones we tell ourselves. Sometimes it takes the gloves off for a painful bare-knuckle fight, breaking the small bones in our hands as we punch out the words. Telling The Truth can be painful for us, and others, but if we're to write something lasting, then we must take that chance, to be bold, and rebel against our fears.

When I say, The Truth, I mean the truth that is absolute, that is indelibly marked on our conscience. Truth is not subjective. We don't hold personal truths that we make up as we go along our way, or from our personal experiences. Truth is not experiential. We can all know the same thing. Instinctively, we know what is right and what is wrong. Sometimes, we have to rebel against ourselves. We can be our worst enemy, and sabotage ourselves.

Yes, writing is an act of rebellion. All it takes is that first dangerous word, and the rest will follow...


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