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The Saurian Tail: Does Darkness Lead Us to the Light?

The Saurian Tail: Does Darkness Lead Us to the Light? [Originally posted on Niume 30 January 2016: The Saurian Tail The search for meaning, or enlightenment, may lead us down many paths, toward foggy shores, a desert, or to a mountaintop. It's a pursuit fraught with questions, and sometimes no forthcoming answers, but we always begin in the dark, searching for the light to shine on our path through life.
Someone once asked me, "Why do you write such dark stories?" in reference to my Noir thrillers, particularly my Shadow series which can have some evil incidents in the plots. The answer may be simple, but it still is very complex. It has to do with man's psyche, his attraction to the mystical, the metaphysical, and to religion. Being a Catholic theologian, a former teacher of the God's mysteries, I write for the searcher, the one who wants their stories to carry them into a place where they might learn something about themselves and the world. From the momen…