Relativism: The Religion of the Faithless in the UN

It has become abundantly clear, with the Affordable Care Act's decree that contraceptives and abortion services be provided by all employers, that the Federal Government is not just reaching the prize to remake the entire health care system in their image, into a single payer and more "fair" system, but as an attack against our First Amendment Rights. Instituting a single payer system may seem to be the goal, but it isn't. Something worse is brewing under the surface. Something so heinous and chilling that you can almost feel the breath of the beast of Fascism on the back of your neck. Within the newly defined rights of children by the United Nations, we now see the scourge of "Relativism" rearing its ugly head again. We may have been mistaken that it went away, tossed into the trash heap of stupid ideas. But it hasn't. Many have felt that Obamacare is an attack against our Freedom of Religion, and they are correct in that assumption. More than that, under the faith banner of "Relativism," fundamental rights have been redefined, repackaged, and moved forward by the United Nations in their latest decree on Children's Rights.  What we see is not just an attack on Freedom of Religion, but on all our rights as defined in the Bill of Rights, as defined by everyone in centuries past.

I have posted a link to an article written in the National Catholic Register. Read this. Read it immediately. Tell all your friends to read it. Read it twice. Make your Pastors, your employer, your neighbors read it.


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