The Truth and Nothing but Lies

The past few months I've been busy editing my second novel. My editor has pushed me to make hard choices about the content of the story, and some of the more incendiary parts of the novel. In the end, I feel she was right about keeping true to the characters within the story, and to let the events speak for themselves. We'll put the story to bed once the manuscript is proofread, with a few minor tweaks for continuity in the story, and we'll begin the process of choosing a cover for the book. I've been through this process before, but not with a traditional publisher, so this recent process is much more intense.

The story is about an FBI agent investigating the bombings of abortion clinics in the Pacific northwest. I used true events as the backdrop for my novel, taking the headlines and details of the Gosnell case, and reports from Human Life groups all over the country. The explosions, of course, are fictional, but each description of the victims of abortion are all true. The story is a thriller/mystery, filled with interesting and deeply drawn characters fighting to let the truth be known.

I wrote in anger, and on the advice of my editor, had to tone down the political aspects of the events and characters to make it more saleable, but I did not compromise in the description of what happens inside those clinics where women have died, and the children from millions of women have been butchered.

The book will be released sometime in late spring or early summer. It will be for sale in the usual outlets on-line. The time has come for everyone to know the truth about abortion, and the toll it takes on men and women. There is nothing private about an abortion. The consequences of killing a child touches all of us.


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