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Monday, December 9, 2013

Everything Bad Is Not Demonic, Even Though, Demonic Activity Is On The Rise

Recently, I've noticed a trend in my Christian social media circles. Too many people are seeing demons for everything from depression to people behaving badly. Yes, I do believe that demonic influence is on the rise. Especially in our country.

The why is interesting. When we have leaders who are divisive, create chaos, and cause unrest in the governed, and promote the worst kind of behavior, it becomes an open invitation to open the Gates of Hell and devour the people. Isaiah 5:14 says, "Therefore the nether world enlarges its throat and opens its maw without limit . . ." NAB version. In my Artscroll, Stone Edition of the Tanach, "Therefore, the nether world has enlarged its appetite and opened its mouth wide without limit . . ." The entire chapter of Isaiah is concerned with people who are wise in their own sight causing this turn of events. Those who govern have a responsibility to promote good behavior. They are held to higher standard, and should do everything within their power to do what is right, principled, godly. Every unprincipled act, every law broken, every sin committed nudges that gate to open wider.

However true that fact may be, not everything is the result of demonic activity. Neither is everyone who behaves badly possessed by demons. We should be careful to not find pigs in the parlor every time something happens that looks bad.

The Knockout Game is definitely demonic. The recent mass shootings are demonic, even though the perpetrators were mentally ill. They were all influenced by demonic activity because they were unable to filter it out through prayer and faith. They had no help either spiritually or mentally. Finding pleasure in hurting a fellow human being is definitely demonic. The strange drug induced incidents of cannibalism is definitely demonic. Someone impatient standing in a long line is not demonic.

Our country is under tremendous stress both economically and spiritually. Our leaders are not helping to relieve that stress, and seem to be adding to it with their unprincipled behavior. Those who are principled are reviled, even by their own party, and they should be held accountable at the voting booth. We have a President who seems to delight in casting blame on everyone but himself, and he remains clueless as to how to govern. I cannot help but feel he is doing his all to cause the chaos and unrest. He appears to be the angry little boy, rejected by both parents, all grown up and lashing out against those he feels need to be punished: The Middle Class of America. The alternative is he is all mouth and no intellect. Either way, he is to blame for what he says, what he does not say, and who he appoints to lead in the different cabinets, as well as, what he has done. We have the right to let him know that we are unhappy with his leadership by encouraging our representatives to take action, by voicing our concerns that we are headed in the wrong direction. This is our right as citizens and we must exercise our rights. Paul did when he declared himself to be a Roman citizen.

Whatever you may believe politically, as Christians we must pray and help not just other Christians, but all Americans to find the truth. We must bring comfort to those who are stressed, who are in need, who are searching for an answer to their problems. Ephesians 6:10-18 instructs us to dress ourselves and be prepared to meet evil on the spiritual battlefield. However, don't end your reading at verse 17, where a good many do, remember verse 18, "With all prayer and supplication, pray at every opportunity in the Spirit. To that end, be watchful with a perserverance and supplication for all the holy ones . . ." NAB. Pray for your pastors and priests, pray for each other, pray for those who govern, and pray to end this division without compromising our principles. Help those who cannot seem to see their way through the mire of words with encouragement and much prayer.

And, the next time you are standing a long line and someone begins to become nasty, don't look for demons. Offer your place in line by saying, "You seem to be in a hurry. Please take my place." Let that driver, impatient to cut you off, have your spot by dropping back and waving them ahead of you. Smile, be gracious, be kind. Don't return bad behavior with bad behavior. We can make this a better place by having faith, not searching for demons.

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