THE HEBREW LETTERS OF THE ALPHABET: The Channels, the Categories, and the Meanings Part II


In Genesis, each act of creation is preceded by the words, "God said . . ." These decrees or statements by God brought the universe into being. The decrees were formed by words, and the words were formed by letters. Therefore, the universe was created by the letters of the alphabet emanating from the Mind of God. It is also believed that these letters sustain the universe, as God's Words are never halted, changed, or cease to be effective in any way shape or form. They continue because God's thoughts never cease. In Psalms 119:89, "Forever, O God, Your word stands in the heavens," means that the letters of creation also hold the universe together, as long as God keeps them standing in the heavens. If for one moment the letters were to be withdrawn by God, for whatever reason, the universe would cease to exist. When the Hebrew peoples accepted the Word of God from Moses, or the Law, or the Ten Commandments, their fiat enabled the continuation of the universe; for they had entered into a covenant with God that they would serve Him through following The Law, thereby, repairing what humankind had rent asunder. Deuteronomy 9:9 refers to the two tablets containing the Ten Words, the Tablets of the Covenant. In reality, the Words are the expression of that beautiful agreement between God and man. God made a new covenant with an entire nation of peoples in order that world would continue to exist, that the Hebrew people would work to repair the rift between God and man.

The Mothers

I have charted the letters below explaining the meaning of each letter within their category, its application and what not applying it properly looks like:

Letter Sound and Meaning Application Opposite

Alef: Silent - Leader, Unbridled Force, Oneness
Yoke of spiritual practice Nihilism

Mem: No vocalization - Perfection, Completion, Water, Womb, Mercy
Wholeness, Thankfulness Deception, Drowning

Shin: Shussing sound - Cosmic Nourishment, Fire, Peace
Joy, Learn and Study, Filled Consumed by flames of anger, lust, jealousy, etc.

The Sefirot, the Mothers, the Doubles, and the Elementals

Returning to the Book of Genesis, the division of the letters into the three Mother letters, the seven Doubles, and the twelve Elementals is derived from the creation narrative. Part of that narrative also divides ten of the sayings into Sefirah, which means texts or books, that communicate how the letters were used to create the universe and man. First I apply the verse to the Letter or Book, and, then, the category it falls under. The Letters are all highlighted. These names are divided into the following:

Scripture Verse Letter or Book Category

In the beginning of God's creating Keter (Crown) Sefira
The spirit of God hovered Heh Elemental
God said, let there be light Chakmah (Wisdom) Sefira
God saw the light it was good Bet Double
God divided between the light and darkness Vav Elemental
God called the light day Zayin Elemental
God said, let there be a firmament Binah (Understanding) Sefirah
God made the firmament Alef Mother
God called the firmament heaven Chet Elemental
God said, let the waters be gathered Chesed (Love) Sefirah
God called the dry land earth Tet Elemental
God saw that it was good Gimel Double
God said, let the earth be vegetated Gevurah (Strength) Sefira
God saw that it was good Dalet Double
God said, let there be luminaries Tiferet (Beauty) Sefira
God made two luminaries Mem Mother
God placed them in the firmament Yud Elemental
God saw that it was good Kaf Double
God said, let the waters swarm Netzach (Victory) Sefirah
God created great whales Lamed Elemental
God saw that it was good Peh Double
God blessed them, be fruitful and multiply Nun Elemental
God said, let the earth bring forth animals Hod (Splendor) Sefirah
God made the beasts of the field Shin Mother
God saw that it was good Resh Double
God said, let us make man Yesod (Foundation) Sefirah
God created man Samekh Elemental
In the form of God He created him Eyin Elemental
God blessed them Tzadi Elemental
God said, be fruitful and multiply Malkut (Kingship) Sefirah
God said, behold I have given you Kuf Elemental
God saw all that He had made Tav Double

In the the creation narrative, you notice that each of the ten Sefira are determined by the words, God said. The first verse, or Keter, meaning the Crown, is still considered to contain the words, God said, because it is implied and understood that the primordial soup was brought into existence through God's speaking. The twenty-two times God's name appears parallels the letters of the alphabet. The three times the words God made appears, parallels the three Mothers. God saw is repeated seven times and parallels the seven Doubles. The remaining twelve times the scripture uses the words God names parallel the twelve Elementals, as you can see by the chart above.


The three Mothers or Primary letters refer to the intellectual faculties (Understanding) that give birth to the seven emotions of man which are called Doubles. Doubles are the letters that have explosive and fricative sounds. Fricative sounds are through a rubbing action or friction. Explosive is through the pushing of air out in a short burst. It's an interesting notion that our emotions can be explosive and they do cause friction in the world for either good or bad. The sounds can either be hard or soft, just as our emotions can be hard or soft, rejecting or accepting. The seven Doubles also represent the Seven Days of the Week, and the Seven Years of Sabbaths. The following letters produce both these sounds:

Letter Meaning Emotion Opposite

Bet: House, Container, Blessing Belonging Loss
Gimel: Nourish, Ripen Loving-kindness Haughtiness
Dalet: Door, Gate, Portal, Threshold Humility Physicality
Kaf: Palm of the Hand, or Soul of the Foot Crowning Achievement Tyrannical
Peh: Mouth, Communication Freedom, Right Speech Gossip
Resh: Head, Principal, Leader Spiritual Poverty Self-Righteous
Tav: Mark, Seal, Torah, Prayer Repair and Peace Rend to Desolation

As you can see, the Seven Deadly Sins could be applied directly to each of these seven Doubles.


The Elementals each have a single sound and they represent the Twelve Months of the Year, the Twelve Tribes of Israel, and the Twelve Constellations or Signs in the sky. These letters are:

Letter Meaning Application Opposite

Heh: Power of Being Listen to the still, small voice Self-deception
Vav: Connection, Unification, Hook Discover one's path Codependence
Zayin: Movement, weapon Remembrance, Protect life Indolence, War
Chet: Life, New Grow Spiritually, New Beginnings Indulgence in the new
Tet: Goodness, Manifest Giving and Love Miring in the muck
Yud: Spirituality, the Hand, Power Become Righteous, Have Integrity Spiritually weak
Lamed:Learning, Teaching, Purpose Have Direction, Purpose Wicked, No Direction
Nun: Emergence, Jubilee Seek Enlightenment Coldness, Stifled
Samekh:Support, Reference, Pillar Find Balance Backsliding
Eyin: Insight, Consciousness Be Discerning Coveting, Greed
Tzadi: Righteousness, Humility Be charitable, Seek Humility Self-righteous
Kuf: Growth, Holiness Learn to Sacrifice Unholiness


Each letter not only has a meaning that is tied to it's shape, sound, position in the words, and it's force as presented in the creation narrative, but it has a numerical aspect. We will discuss the numbers and their significance in Part III. As you can see, in the above charts, each letter has an opposite, or deleterious effect. Because we are given free will, we have the ability to choose, to make our action do good or evil. We can focus on our soul, the divine aspect God gave us, or we can focus on our animal nature, and choose to succumb to our desires, our bodily urges. The effects of focusing on our animal nature is apparent in today's society. The things that have been traditionally good have become bad in order for those who love to focus on their sexual desires and animal emotions to feel better about their bad behavior.

It might serve us well to better understand the formula God prescribed for us, and what the Hebrew peoples answered Yes to in the Sinai desert those thousands of years ago. We might become more aware of our own slippage into the mire of evil, and where we can become a better Christian.


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