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IN SEARCH OF THE HIDDEN SIN: or the search for the leaven and repentance

This time of year, between May and July, my coydog sheds, not just a tuft here or there wafting across the floor like some tribble wannabe, but another complete dog. What never ceases to amaze me is how much hair I continue to find knitted around the feet of the furniture like stockings, sticking to my leather sofa like a mohair mat, and generally from one end of the house to the other, as though she was turning the entire house into a fluffy dog den. Those fine, downy, electrified fibers humble me with their sheer number and ability to find their way into everything. Cleaning them up is not just a daunting task, but nearly impossible. However, I keep at it in the hope that I will be triumphant and cleanliness will rule the day.
What does this have to do with sin and repentance? Some of you may already be circling where I'm headed, but others will be scratching their head and wondering what the connection is between dog hairs and repentance. Think of the dog hairs a…


Introduction Rabbinic theology has recently found its way back into Christian theology because of the recent availability of their scholarly writings in English. The inimitable Rashi or the Baal HaTurim or Ibn Ezra or the great Ramban can now be studied to enhance the reading of the Old Testament, as well as, the New Testament. The delectable mystical theological dish has now been served across the table between Judaism and Christianity bringing the two brother religions closer than ever before. Thus, the subtle and nuanced mystical Jesus the apostles knew has returned with all of His delicate flavor permeating New Testament studies. Jesus, the Jew, comes into a clearer focus eclipsing the revolutionary Jesus into the dark hole of oblivion wrongly taught by too many with their own agendas. What we discover is the second Adam, the embodiment of Isaac, the Jacob renamed Israel, the savior Joseph in full flower. This is the Messiah the Hebrew peoples prepared to meet for over four thousan…

Study Guide for THE GARDEN OF SOULS by Cheri Vause

SPOILER ALERT! (If you don't want the mystery of the novel spoiled, wait to view this Study Guide!) AGAIN SPOILER ALERT!
The novel can be purchased through Xulon Press Books,, It is available in paperback or e-book format.  Study Guide: Pope Francis stated recently that “careerism is a leprosy in the Church.” The opposite of careerism is a calling or a vocation. How does the character Liam Connick learn what path he is called to take? Is his struggle between obedience and God's calling one that you can identify with? How? The character Alana Morgan grows in her faith by confronting her poor life's decisions while on her journey to Eden with Liam and Avi. What things did Liam and Avi do to help her to find her way to God? Which worked better: Liam's gentle encouragement or Avi's stern accusations? Or was it a combination of both? What did she let go of to finally see the truth? Can you see yourself or a loved one in Alana'…