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Black Liberation Theology - Guest Post

I would like you to welcome my Guest Blogger. He wishes to remain anonymous as there has been a threat on his life. This man grew up under the Jim Crow Laws in the South. I felt it was important that people know about Black Liberation Theology and why it divides Whites from Blacks today. Race mongers abound, and this theology is destroying the black community with its lies.

Black Liberation Theology

As a disclaimer, I want to establish that I am neither a historian nor a minister. My observations are that of a young boy educated by Southern Baptist ministers who preached the doctrine of liberation theology during my teenage years, the first eight years of my formal education. During this time, I did not learn to read, write or count. I listened to their race bated sermons every Sunday and Wednesday nights. The ministers were often ordained with a quart of white lightening but had no formal education or theological training. In the separate-but-equal educational system …


About a week ago, I was surfing through my plethora of emails and social media sites when I came across a posting which intrigued me. Being Catholic, and having a dickens of time getting my novel reviewed by all those famous fellow Catholics who review books (and you know who you are), I felt an instant kinship with this struggling author. The fact that he was writing about his conversion to Catholicism, and that he wanted to help those traversing the thorny trail toward entering the Church, was more than inviting, it was a put-up or shut-up moment for me. I agreed to do it. One of the best parts of his premise, was that he wanted to explain why all those crazy Catholics do this and that, and why they believe that weird idea, in a simple this is what I found, straight from the heart way. He made my heart flutter with recognition. Almost thirty years ago, my husband and I, including our children, took the same path. I had stumbled across another fellow convert. Not just one of those w…

THE HEBREW LETTERS OF THE ALPHABET: The Channels, the Categories, and the Meanings Part V

In Part IV, the numerical value of the letters from Alef to Yod equaled the numbers One through Ten. All proceeding letters are multiples of ten, and one hundred. This only means that the individual letters are equal to that specific amount and does not mean that the other numbers do not exist.
Gematria (numerology) applies numbers of the letters thusly: The word Truth--emet or emes in Hebrew--is spelled alef, mem, tav. Emet is considered God's seal, or the seal of the Holy One. Is it no wonder that when Jesus proclaimed, " I am the Truth..." He was declaring that anyone who was sealed or marked by Him belonged to Him under that seal. This is a seal that cannot be removed because it is a seal of permanency. Truth never ceases to exist. It cannot be wiped out because it is connected to God, it is God. Kind David declared: "...the very beginning of Your word (the Torah) is truth." Psalms 119:160. This refers to the story of Creation, "In the b…

THE HEBREW LETTERS OF THE ALPHABET: The Channels, the Categories, and the Meanings Part IV

In Part III, each letter was shown to have a numerical value. What, might you ask, does this have to do with learning the alphabet? And, why is a number meaningful? There used to be a show on television called Numbers, and the protagonist was in Law Enforcement. He consulted his brother who was a physicist to help him solve crimes through the use of the laws of chance. If you are an affectionado of astronomy, you are undoubtedly aware of the differing mathematic theories of Chaos, Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Schrodiger's Cat, String Theory, etc. The world of math can explain many things, and help to make sense of what appears to be nonsensical, and even ground the most bizarre ideas into a logical form. The origin of all things mathematical--queue up Gilbert and Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance and the Major General's song--begins with the creation story in Judaism. Numbering began on the first day, and it's been calculating ever since.

THE HEBREW LETTERS OF THE ALPHABET: The Channels, the Categories, and the Meanings Part III

In learning the categories the Hebrew letters fall under, we begin to see a picture emerging of how the Letters worked together to do God's bidding, and how they represent differing aspects of God's creative power. We can also see that the meanings of each letter can alter the way we look at the words in the scripture. There begins to emerge a many layered and delicious cake to eat when we ingest the Word of God. It helps us dismiss the short-sighted and childish notion of the four-source theory. There is intention in every letter and in every word in the Torah and throughout all the books of the bible; that one cannot draw a true meaning from those words in the Torah, the first five books of Moses, by believing that they came from a differing source hundreds of years apart. The Torah was written by one hand, Moses, from one source, God, so that we may understand the Oneness of our Creator, and what is expected of us.
There lies an even deeper layer when we realiz…