We're Losing It!

Today my husband and I voted, and we decided to have an early dinner after. Stopping at Chili's, we start talking about the books we're reading while waiting for our food. And, of course, it morphed into politics because I was sporting my tag, "I Voted!" Fortunately, we're always on the same page, so no arguments. In fact, I can't remember the last time we did argue about anything. But, I digress.

The two of us always wind up on the indisputable difficulty of how many people don't vote because they've never learned the importance of being a citizen. That conversation morphed into what popular characters do young people all recognize. I said, "Scrooge has entered into the lexicon. That character would be the most recognized." My husband said, "No, it has to be Mr. Spock."

I continued, "Surprisingly, a good number of people don't read or watch SF, no matter how beloved Leonard Nimoy was."

At this moment of our conversa…

Writing Is an Act of Rebellion

It begins with one dangerous word...
I often think in terms of boxing when it comes to writing. Sometimes riding a motorcycle. Both sports have a sort of rebellious tinge to them. I prefer the boxing analogy, primarily because I grew up loving the sport. 
Writing is a boxing match against complacency, against the lies of our society, or the ones we tell ourselves. Sometimes it takes the gloves off for a painful bare-knuckle fight, breaking the small bones in our hands as we punch out the words. Telling The Truth can be painful for us, and others, but if we're to write something lasting, then we must take that chance, to be bold, and rebel against our fears.
When I say, The Truth, I mean the truth that is absolute, that is indelibly marked on our conscience. Truth is not subjective. We don't hold personal truths that we make up as we go along our way, or from our personal experiences. Truth is not experiential. We can all know the same thing. Instinctively, we know what is rig…

The Saurian Tail: Does Darkness Lead Us to the Light?

The Saurian Tail: Does Darkness Lead Us to the Light? [Originally posted on Niume 30 January 2016: The Saurian Tail The search for meaning, or enlightenment, may lead us down many paths, toward foggy shores, a desert, or to a mountaintop. It's a pursuit fraught with questions, and sometimes no forthcoming answers, but we always begin in the dark, searching for the light to shine on our path through life.
Someone once asked me, "Why do you write such dark stories?" in reference to my Noir thrillers, particularly my Shadow series which can have some evil incidents in the plots. The answer may be simple, but it still is very complex. It has to do with man's psyche, his attraction to the mystical, the metaphysical, and to religion. Being a Catholic theologian, a former teacher of the God's mysteries, I write for the searcher, the one who wants their stories to carry them into a place where they might learn something about themselves and the world. From the momen…

Kev's Blog On Authors

There are a few people on this blue orb spinning through space, who transcend the mundane, who go the extra mile, who reach out a helping hand to those of us struggling in the world of writers. Kev Cooper is one of them. Below is the link to his book site where he allowed me to be showcased. I cannot thank him enough for this opportunity, and I send blessings and my prayers his way. Thank you, Kev, for being a friend to writers.

Nature Is a Balm

Too often writers, like theologians--and I belong to both professions--can get restless and dry. We try to wet our whistles by reading others' work, but even that can make you feel more twitchy, and it can be like you were dropped into the Sahara on the hottest day of the year. Water! Water! Give me a drink, please!

During those times it's best to turn off the computer, walk away, and find a quiet place to sit under a tree, or take a short hike up a trail you've been longing to trek. Rivers and lakes qualify, as do the stretches of sand meeting the sea where you can curl your toes into the grainy substance, roll the legs up on your trousers, and feel the water wash over your feet. Your cup really does run over when you fill it with the unadorned great outdoors. Nature is the balm for renewal, cleansing, and peace. There is nothing like it when you breathe in the velvet air by the ocean, drink in the smell of the fecund earth and trees of a forest, or while gazing at the c…

Relativism: The Religion of the Faithless in the UN

It has become abundantly clear, with the Affordable Care Act's decree that contraceptives and abortion services be provided by all employers, that the Federal Government is not just reaching the prize to remake the entire health care system in their image, into a single payer and more "fair" system, but as an attack against our First Amendment Rights. Instituting a single payer system may seem to be the goal, but it isn't. Something worse is brewing under the surface. Something so heinous and chilling that you can almost feel the breath of the beast of Fascism on the back of your neck. Within the newly defined rights of children by the United Nations, we now see the scourge of "Relativism" rearing its ugly head again. We may have been mistaken that it went away, tossed into the trash heap of stupid ideas. But it hasn't. Many have felt that Obamacare is an attack against our Freedom of Religion, and they are correct in that assumption. More than that, un…

Good Friday

Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are my favorite days of the year. Both days are reflective ones. We too need to take the time to reflect on the price that has been paid for our sins.

A friend of mine sent me this little boy's explanation of who God is. It is said he is eight and this was printed in Chula Vista, California. Even if it isn't, it's still gives you food for thought. I also challenge you to not cry. Here's food for thought on my favorite day of the year:

It was written by an 8-year-old named Danny Dutton, who lives in Chula Vista , CA . He wrote it for his third grade homework assignment, to 'explain God.' EXPLANATION OF GOD: 'One of God's main jobs is making people. He makes them to replace the ones that die, so there will be enough …